Release of Equity

Releasing equity from your property is easy with free independent equity release advice. Learn how to release equity with our online tools ranging from lifetime mortgage calculators to comparison tables.

Release Schemes

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Maximum Release

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Why Release Equity?

  • Repay any outstanding mortgage debts.
  • Help a loved one onto the property ladder.
  • Make home improvements or buy a second (holiday) home.
  • Maintain your standards of living.
  • Buy your once-in-a-lifetime holiday or car.
  • Unlock your equity to up-size or downsize on your house.


Methods To Releasing Equity

  • The most common type of releasing equity is a standard lifetime mortgage.
  • Sell the ownership of your home for a lifetime tenancy with a home reversion scheme.
  • Use a reserve facility to withdraw your money as & when you want it with a drawdown plan.
  • Pay off only the interest amount back with an interest only mortgage.
  • Ill-Health can lead to the biggest releases with enhanced lifetime mortgages.



Equity Release Providers

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