Equity Release Schemes

How do I borrow more money on my old Norwich Union Equity Release or capital access plans?

Norwich Union is now known as Aviva and is still a major UK provider of equity release schemes […]

Can the over 60s still have a mortgage in retirement?

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What is SHIP and how does it help protect my Equity Release Mortgage?

Equity release is one of the most popular means by which retiring people seek to increase the income […]

How can Equity Release Schemes be used to move upto a more expensive property?

For many people, equity release is an excellent means by which to increase and supplement the income received […]

What are the typical set up costs for Equity Release Schemes?

Equity release is an elegant solution to the problem of insufficient income during your retirement years. If you […]

How can I guarantee my children still receive an inheritance if I take a Release of Equity from my property?

If you are approaching your retirement years and looking to ensure that your bank balance remains healthy, you […]