What is the definition of a responsible Equity Release Adviser?

What is the definition of a responsible Equity Release Adviser?

Releasing equity from your home is no small step. While this kind of loan is often marketed as extremely low maintenance, because the repayments are either minimal or non-existent. It is important to remember that the capital you release from your property will have to be accounted for in the end, and if the sale of your home doesn’t cover this debt, then the responsibility is passed onto the shoulders of your inheritors.

The point here is simply that before you dive into the first equity release scheme you can find, you should take plenty of time out to consider your decision from all angles. This is not a choice to be made on your own, what’s more, you will need to source some responsible equity release advice.

There are several avenues through which you might seek good advice on your equity release plan. Whichever of these you choose, you will want to ensure that your advisor is fully equipped with a range of solid equity release qualifications and experience.

In this field, unqualified advice can be poor advice and result in severe financial costs over the longer term. Find out what the equity release regulation body is called in your area and look for endorsement or authentication amongst the credentials of the finance professional whose help you have sought out.

In short, if you are in the market for an equity release scheme, you will want to ensure that your decision is founded in good advice. Find a responsible equity release adviser in this field with a full set of qualifications; this kind of expert will be able to navigate you through the minefields of technical jargon and fine print so that ultimately you end up with a policy that suits your requirements.

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