Who can I turn to for Equity Release Advice since in Retirement Services went into administration?

Who can I turn to for Equity Release Advice since in Retirement Services went into administration?

If you are considering releasing equity from your home, you will more than likely be aware by now that there are myriad different equity release companies within this field. Each of these is tailored to suit a specific set of needs and, unless you are au-fait with the terminology and jargon, picking the right one can be a difficult business.

It is therefore imperative that you select a strong equity release company. There have been a few casualties along the way with one of them being In Retirement Services. Losing your lender can be upsetting & inconvenient for many who were either having their application processed, or who having completed their plan now have no contact details if they need further assistance.

Therefore, you will need to seek alternative financial help when it comes to making this kind of important decision. The old In Retirement Services equity release plans were sold onto various building societies & equity release lenders. Therefore, you would need to establish which one your individual plan is with.

In addition to chatting to an equity release consultant about the options available to you, you might also like to talk the matter over with a specialist from an independent institution. This kind of equity release expert will be able to give you unbiased, objective guidance, and will invariably prove useful in the business of determining which policy is best for you.

Taking out an equity release scheme is no small step. In order to ensure that you pick the correct policy for your requirements, it is a good idea to seek good, substantial advice from sources such as Equity Release Supermarket.

You may find that the older In Retirement Services plan was not competitively priced, after all they only could sell their own products. Therefore, by contacting someone such as Equity Release Supermarket you can get independent equity release advice from the whole of the market.

If you want them to trace your In Retirement Services policy or you require further equity release advice call them on 0800 678 5159.

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